A burn-out does not just go away. I was in the middle of it and realised I couldn't go on like this. I was looking for help, so that I could continue in the future. That's why I chose a coaching programme. But how do you find a good coach who is right for you? I found Mental Coaching on the internet. 
Judith took the time for an intake interview. She told me how she works and I decided to continue with her.

What appeals to me in the Mental Coaching method is the practical guidance based on RET that can be used by everyone.
Judith guided me carefully and gave feedback and direction to my development in a positive way. My 'journey' with Judith was relatively short, but the results are still noticeable every day. I now apply the knowledge, insights and skills I learned almost daily, which enables me to bring a situation back to its essence. I look at myself, ask myself the right questions and only then make the choice how to handle the situation. Sometimes this means that I decide not to act.

I have learned to let go, to allow, to let things. It gives me peace to know that I always have a choice, whatever that choice may be. I have become a more balanced person and happy with myself.

Joske Galliart